Trent Has New Art Collector

an-abstract-star-burstI want to share a nice story. A woman who had seen Trent’s art 6 years ago when Trent was exhibiting at a fine art show in Cleveland, OH. She kept Trent’s web site handy throughout the years and had her eye on this painting. She called and was thrilled to know it was available and she bought it yesterday. Thank you Cynthia for giving Trent’s art a new home and joining the group of Trent Altman’s art collectors. She asked about the story behind it.

This is what I told her.

Trent painted this last February at Art Sanctuary where he had his art studio. Hannah was his new support giver and art studio assistant then and just started working with him in January.  Trent was having a bit of difficulty adapting then, because he had just come out of a big change, a not so good experience with the last person who was his live-in for 2 years. He had been living with us for 6 months, because I had not found anyone for him yet. But that is another story.
Hannah was a breath of fresh air. She was upbeat, joyful, and an enthused individual working with Trent. This piece was one of the first few that Trent painted with Hannah in the studio as his assistant. The method was scraping layers upon layers, and throw art on the top layer. There was a lot of fun and excitement in Trent  painting it to its end, navigate to this web-site for more details.


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