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  • Come Join Trent at WinterFair (11/29/2016) - Happy Holidays to All: Trent’s paintings are now DISCOUNTED 40% 2. Come Join Trent at WinterFair Holiday Fine Arts and Craft Show 3. When: 4. Where: *************************************************************************** Trent’s paintings are now DISCOUNTED 40% Check out Trent’s web site,  We have ALL original art 40% off. This is the lowest price ever for his art. Trent is painting […]
  • Trent Has New Art Collector (11/12/2016) - I want to share a nice story. A woman who had seen Trent’s art 6 years ago when Trent was exhibiting at a fine art show in Cleveland, OH. She kept Trent’s web site handy throughout the years and had her eye on this painting. She called and was thrilled to know it was available […]
  • Pic: Trent painting in his art studio, 11/10/16 (11/12/2016) -
  • Trent painting in his studio garage, Nov10, 2016 (11/12/2016) - nov-12-2
  • Trent Altman Receives Recognition Among International Artists (6/15/2016) - Agora Gallery writes, “When they are not exhibiting their artwork at Agora Gallery, our artists are working hard to promote their craft around the world through art fairs, collections, and award ceremonies. We are happy to give our readers a little taste of what our artists have been up to when not in the gallery! […]
  • Altman’s NYC Agora Gallery Art Reception (6/14/2016) - Trent Altman’s paintings exude a positive energy and boundary-breaking openness that lift each image beyond the standard landscape painting, demonstrating a clear talent and skill that Altman has achieved in the face of autism.       Title: Breath Taking, 36×24 acrylic and mixed media. To see more art go to Agora Gallery web site and […]
  • Trent Altman’s Artist Newsletter, April 2016 (4/20/2016) -   Greetings: We appreciate each and everyone of you — artist fans and collectors. With April being Autism Awareness Month, we have Trent’s accomplishments and upcoming exhibitions and shows to share with you. Trent is an abstract, expressionistic, autistic artist.       In this Newsletter: 1. You are invited to attend “Experiencing Nature in […]
  • Trent’s Sweet Art Gallery Reception, April 17, 2015 (4/19/2015) - Hello Art Fans, We are sharing the video of Trent Altman’s art reception in Naples Fl at Sweet Art Gallery. We had a great time and Trent sold 3+ paintings that evening.  Enjoy and Share! Thank you. Trent’s Studio Jackie Marquette with Trent Altman    
  • Altman’s Port Authority December 2014 Art Exhibit (11/29/2014) -       Exhibitions: “My Dreams”- By Trent Altman “Architectural Perspectives” – By Ping Lian Yeak with “Landscapes” – By Jabari Clyne Location: The Port Authority Bus Terminal – SouthWing 9th avenue between 40th and 41st streets Exhibition Dates: December 1st through December 31st  24 hour display FREE and open to the general public MORE […]
  • Trent travels to Thailand (9/8/2014) - We wil be taking Trent to an advantures trip to Koh Samui in Thailand. It’s been on all of our minds to take an exotic trip abroad. After browsing and browsing we found a relatively cheap flight to Thailand. We will be staying in a villa rented from It’s a shot it the dark […]
  • A Walk to the Shore (7/24/2014) - acrylic and mixed media on canvas 30 x 24 x .75 Call  502-417-6063 OR email for payment. Trents Studio accepts PayPal   Credit Cards  Checks Call for pricing @ 502-417-6063 OR email for information and pricing
  • Get Art, Support OASIS/MAAP, and Impact Someone with ASD (6/12/2014) - Friday Art Walk!  On behalf of AspergerSyndrome, OASIS, MAAPS, we are making available Trent Altman’s prints. This is ‘LIFE, LOVE, EXPLOSION’. It is a signed limited edition print for a 14×11 frame. It is beautifully double matted in soft white. ONLY a few left. YOUR cost is $20.00 + $5.00 shipping. To BUY say SOLD! […]
  • Get Art, Support OASIS/MAAPS, and POSITIVE Change (6/12/2014) - Happy Thursday!  We will post one new piece of Trent’s art each day in the month of JUNE. Introducing ‘TIME FOR PEACE’. It is a signed limited edition, print to fit into a 14×11 frame. It is beautifully double matted in soft white. ONLY 4 left. YOUR cost is $20.00 + $5.00 shipping. To BUY […]
  • Get Art, Raise Funds, Promote Autism Acceptance (6/12/2014) - As a part of their continuous support has made a promotional campaign on social media for this piece of Trent’s artwork called ‘Imagine’. As you already know, this action helps financially support, so big thank you to Pistachio Consulting. But you can also buy this signed limited edition 14x 11 print. The print […]
  • Support and their Assistance to ASD (6/10/2014) - We are enthused to bring Trent Altman Trent Altman Studio art to the Art of Autism Fundraiser Event on June 18, 2014 where his art will be available for purchase. Any purchase will support to train and assist individuals as well it will cover expenses for the marketing efforts undertaken by The Marketing Heaven. […]
  • KET Documentary Nominated for Emmy (Trent Altman) (6/5/2014) - Exciting news! I want to share with all of Trent Altman’s connections. Kentucky Educational Television, KET produced a documentary on Trent’s Art Making in 2013 and it is being nominated for an Emmy Award by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards. I am reposting the link to the video We are […]
  • Trent Altman’s Updates, May 6, 2-14 (5/6/2014) - The WaterFall This is one of Trent’s newest paintings. Trent painted this is a 24×30 piece with acrylic paint and very originally designed mixed media. Trent chose a photo of a water fall taken from numerous images. This is his view of the waterfall in a nature scene and how he painted it.  This painting […]
  • Kentucky Oaks Art Exhibit at the Marriott Courtyard Airport Louisville KY (5/2/2014) -   A woman from Palm Springs California wants a commissioned piece by Trent. She also will contact her favorite contemporary art gallery in Palm Springs about representing Trent in the gallery in Palm Springs. WOW!  We are crossing our fingers.
  • Kentucky Oaks and Derby Marriott Art Exhibit (5/2/2014) - Trent Altman’s art is being exhibited at the Marriott Courtyard on Phillips Lane in Louisville through Sunday May 4.  We are so thrilled. We were packing up last night and the hotel management found us and asked us to move our art display from a back room to the lobby for hotel guests enjoyment.  We […]
  • Abstract art update, May 1, Kentucky Derby Art Exhibit (5/1/2014) - Trent Altman will have an art showing as part of Derby Festivities. Stop by and see his art and register for a FREE PAINTING Debra Brown will have her original Derby Hats (male and female) for Thursday- May 1 Trent and friends will be at the Courtyard by Marriott, 819 Phillips Ln Lou., […]

We are offering this Colorful, Fun, Contemporary Collage Original by Trent

Perfect for Home, Office, and Children’s Play Rooms

Altman paints on acid free handmade paper using acrylics and mixed media texture on each piece. Each art piece is professionally matted in soft white, the painting size is approximately 9 x 9 with a finished overall size of 15 x 15. Because the painting is on paper, this piece requires framing. Only high quality paint is used.

#3 with plant (small)

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