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TP  #1Happy Thursday!  We will post one new piece of Trent’s art each day in the month of JUNE.

Introducing ‘TIME FOR PEACE’. It is a signed limited edition, print to fit into a 14×11 frame. It is beautifully double matted in soft white. ONLY 4 left. YOUR cost is $20.00 + $5.00 shipping. To BUY say SOLD! in the comments. Go to Paypal and send Paypal payment  Email us to pay YOUR preferred method. **Don’t forget to leave your address. Remember 50% of YOUR purchase is donated to AspergerSyndrome, OASIS, MAAPS


Words at the bottom margin of print:

“After the storm subsides, there is tranquility, The fierce waves of gray turn into waves of blue gently lapping the shore. Now is our time for peace.”  This has been one of the most popular of Trent’s prints.  written by Jackie Marquette

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