Canvas  Paintings

Trent painted this abstract painting with acrylic paint, original mixed media he created, and gel mediums creating each layer to reveal undertones and paint. There are up to 20 layers.

The painting is wrapped on 1.5 stretched bars.

All paintings include price plus shipping. 

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Altman’s work is strong on the physical texture of paint and objects by conforming them to his world.  Indeed, a match, as well as, a new approach to the combined worlds of artists styles, like the impressionists : Monet’s broken color, Pissarro’s pattern of broken color, and Van Gogh’s impasto.   Altman’s images are transformed into patterns of Cubism and High Analytical Cubism of  Picasso and George Braque, translating the imaginative form of Watteau’s metaphysical world. He has combined what many artists, in the past, used on a singular basis.

Yvonne Mikulencak, M.F.A


Retired Professor, Art Historian, Fine Artist, College Instructor


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