Trent Altman’s Artist Newsletter, April 2016

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We appreciate each and everyone of you — artist fans and collectors. With April being Autism Awareness Month, we have Trent’s accomplishments and upcoming exhibitions and shows to share with you. Trent is an abstract, expressionistic, autistic artist.



In this Newsletter:

1. You are invited to attend “Experiencing Nature in Art” (a solo exhibition) at the University Club at University of Louisville.

2. International Cake Designers used Altman’s Art to create cakes.

3. American Cake Decorating Magazine Publishes The Art Cakes.

4. Sweet Art Gallery – Exhibition April 6 – 26 – Trent attended his reception April 6th

5. Coming Soon! NYC Agora Gallery Exhibition: Pathway to Abstraction June 14 – July 5, 2016  – reception June 16th

6. How Trent Paints- HIs Artist Statement


1. You are invited to attend “Experiencing Nature in Art” (a solo exhibition) at the University Club at University of Louisville

200 East Brandeis Avenue, Louisville, KY 40208                                                          Exhibition: March – April 2016

Artist Reception                                                                                                        

Friday April 29                                                                                                                    

2-4 PM                                                                                                                          

Public is Invited.

Painting:  A Colorful Splash: 34×26 is one of the paintings on exhibit.

2. International Cake Designers used Altman’s Art to create cakes.

Three International Cake Master Designers – Gulnaz Mitchel from New Zealand, Hazel Wong from Singapore, and Tanya Halas from Winnipeg, MB Canada each selected Altman’s art to collaborate and create a cake for Sugar Art 4 Autism. The purpose was to raise awareness and donations to National Autism Association and The Global Autism Project.

In picture: Cake designed by Tanya Halas from Winnipeg, MB Canada

To see each cake design go to:

3. Publication in American Cake Decorating                                     

Two cakes by designers who were inspired by Trent Altman’s art were published in American Cake Decorating Magazine. See this link

4. Sweet Art Gallery –                                                                          

Exhibition April 6 – 27,reception on April 6th.                                                                                   

We enjoyed sunny florida, visiting with friends and his art show. It was a perfect getaway.

5. NYC Agora Gallery Exhibition:                                                        

Pathway to Abstraction                                                                             

June 14 – July 5, 2016                                                             

Reception: Thursday June 16, 2016                                                                  

6-8 PM                                                                                                                

To see art:                                                                         

6. Trent’s Artist Statement. Trent continues to paint with passion, take a look: “In my studio, on tables in my backyard, or on the beach on a sunny day, give me the opportunity and I will spring into the most genuine pleasure I know: painting, for more info visit this website.  Standing in front of a clean canvas, I consider with anticipation and choose from many different color options. Once I feel compelled, I take a deep breath and begin. I feel my way with a brush or other tools swiping the canvas. When I capture a pure emotion, I revel with a burst of excitement, my voice rumbles, or I may hum or sing. While scraping the jagged surface, I get more enthusiastic from moment to moment until my canvas has been completely finished to my expectations.” (April is Autism Awareness Month)

There are so many people who are part of introducing and connecting Trent as an artist and people who assist Trent in many ways. We want to thank each and everyone of them – especially you, taking time to read Trent’s Newsletter.  We hope you will continue to follow Trent and his art successes.

Jackie Marquette

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