Trent Altman’s Updates, May 6, 2-14

The WaterFall

This is one of Trent’s newest paintings. Trent painted this is a 24×30 piece with acrylic paint and very originally designed mixed media. Trent chose a photo of a water fall taken from numerous images. This is his view of the waterfall in a nature scene and how he painted it.  This painting is  non-objective.

“Indeed, a match, as well as, a new approach to the combined worlds of artists styles, like the impressionists : Monet’s broken color, Pissarro’s pattern of broken color, and Van Gogh’s impasto.”

(Yvonne Mikulencak, M.F.A Retired Art History Professor and Art Studio)

It is available, contact

Shimmering Waterfall, 24x30

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