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In preparation for Trent’s fine art exhibit tomorrow at Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville, KY, I found a poem I wrote and published in 2007, in my book, Becoming Remarkably Able…..

The act of Trent creating with his brush, is the essence of his self expression. I see his autism as a gift in these moments. Each individual with ASD has their unique strengths. This applies to all the folks I have had the honor to provide my services. Here is my poem.

I see and feel all the colors of Your song.
Brilliant shades dance with my brush.
With each tint and blush I paint, I hear Your melody.
Words are not my way,
Conversation is not my forte.
But You are the One who knows me well.
I don’t worry though,
the dazzling colors painted on
my canvas are my gifts to all.

Sunlight and Blue Sky

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