Valentine Day Sale

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When giving a gift to your sweet heart, why not give original art!!!

ONLY $120.00 for an original 15×15 framed art. These pieces sell for $350.00 each in Naples Fl. This is a REAL BUY. Visit our web site and see all art at   

Call for your order today!!! This price is only a 6 day sale- February 12 – 17. Call 502.417.6063 for your order or email

Canvas paintings are also significantly reduced during this sale. 

We have 24 new original paintings that have been recently posted on Altman’s web site 

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Where Altman is Exhibiting this Spring!!!

In Naples FL., Altman has several exhibitions this upcoming spring. 

Art reception at Sweet Art Gallery on February 21.

In beautiful downtown Louisville, KY, Altman’s will have an exhibition of 10 over sized paintings on the marble walls of the lobby of the Meindinger Tower. The exhibition will be on public display from February 3 through the Kentucky Derby in May 5, 2014. We will be hosting an art reception and will announce the date soon. 

n NYC, Altman will be in a group show at the Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Rosa C. Martinez “Training The Talent In Individuals With Autism” April 16th – 26, 2014 at the Michael Schimmel Center at Pace University. Lastly, he is the featured artist for the Brilliance of Autism, Autism One Conference in Chicago, May 20-25, art reception, May 21, 2014.

Let me know how we can assist you with your decorating goals in the home or office buildings. 

Thank you.

Trent Altman

Jackie Marquette

Ralph Marquette

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