Valentines Day Sale (weekend)

VALENTINE DAY SPECIAL!!!! Here is the 3 of 14.
‘Flowers on a Cloudy Day’When giving a gift to your sweet heart, why not give original art!!! The piece shown here is
ONLY $120.00 for an original 15×15 framed art.
These $120.00 art pieces are a real buy. Check out custom pieces from

They sell for $350.00 each in Naples Fl.

Visit our web site and see 12 additional paintings similar to these two pieces.

Call for your order today!!!

This price is only a 6 day sale- February 12 – 17. Call 502.417.6063 for your order or email
Canvas paintings are also significantly reduced during this sale.

Trent has 24 new original paintings that have been recently posted on Altman’s web site

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